Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fuck me, I'm broke!

I have a grand total of $19.50 in my bank account, and apart from a little bit of money coming in from DJ'ing and sporadic, underpaid freelancing for the gay press, no income sources to speak off.

Oddly enough, I don't feel at all concerned, perhaps because I know I can always get cash advances off my credit card, and also because the universe usually drops something in my lap at points like these. Then again, trusting in fate is not usually the wisest course to take.

I need a job, and fast!


Labovnik said...

Richard, just heard you read a poem about recycled lvoe on RRR. Very nice.

Also, I hear your interviewing Malcom Macdowel. Please slap him for me. When I drink, my face starts to look a little bit like Alex, which makes it hard for me to seduce pretty young things.

richardwatts said...

Somehow I think slapping my guests might reduce their desire to talk on my show. Perhaps a less physical way of displaying my concern over your drinking face is in order? ;-)

Inwardly Confused said...

The title of this post sounds like an invitation..hee hee.

richardwatts said...

Ranter, I'm not that broke, LOL.